"Screenfems" is a collaborative effort of a mother and daughter who wish to bring some of their life experiences, fun sense of humor, and spiritual outlook to the big screen.

"I was a newcomer to the pet-sitting business when a client's macaw, who had a penchant for naughty talk, shocked me enough to want to write it all down".
-Suzanne Gill

"The Pet Sitter" is drawn from nearly two decades of real-life pet-sitting.
We assembled some of our mad-cap adventures and created the framework of what would become a side-slapping, high concept family-friendly comedy. Twenty years of experience as an animal shelter volunteer also provided an endless stream of potential story lines and sub-plots.

Friends encouraged us to take classes, read the books, and write, write, and keep on writing, and after 10 years we garnered a....

"RECOMMEND" By Script Pipeline.
"The Pet Sitter is a tightly plotted, entertaining comedy, and a good read.
One of those ideal projects for an up and coming lead actress".
- Script Pipeline General Manager Matthew Misetich
If you can't stop reading, you can't stop watching!
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