After her world falls apart, a glamorous nail-design specialist who is terrified of animals, must run a pet-sitting business but in the process confronts her fears and finds love.
Making Waves (Romantic Comedy)
Life changes course for a struggling Atlantic city tour boat owner when she discovers her new deck-hand is a merman.
It's In the Cards (Romantic Comedy)
A bride-to-be with a ticking biological clock isn't sure she's found the right man and
seeks psychic advice which sets off a chain of wildly romantic and confusing events.
The Way Station (Faith-based Drama)
A 50-year old promise made in the despair of war lies unfulfilled as our main character enters the twilight of his life. An agent of Heaven is called upon to test the faith and perseverance of our protagonist and guide him to his goal.
Finding Puffles (Family-friendly Comedy)
Motivated by a hefty reward, three kids wind up on a collision course with an equally motivated dog officer.
If you can't stop reading, you can't stop watching!
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The Pet Sitter (Romantic Comedy)
"The Pet Sitter" has been optioned several times but stalled in casting. This screenplay has the potential to be a HUGE hit and could also be adapted for a TV or cable series.
Originally conceived and written as "Bloom", this script is yearning to hit the BIG screen. A rollicking romantic adventure which will appeal to a young adult demographic.
Because fins
are more fun!
Paws of fury.
A mother and daughter team embark on a twenty-year writing journey while tackling exotic recipes, walking dogs, and dealing with life-threatening disease. The bittersweet taste of success comes too late for Ann to enjoy due to the ravages of Alzheimers.
Write, Bake, Repeat
This screenplay is a RECOMMEND
This screenplay is a RECOMMEND
This screenplay is a RECOMMEND
This screenplay is a RECOMMEND
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