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Short Scripts
Drop the Popcorn!
Roughing the Goalie

A newly-retired hockey player applies his old skills to his new job much to the dismay of his co-workers.
Curl Up & Dye
Revenge is sweet for an unappreciated hairstylist who has had it up to "hair"!
The Rebate
How many people does it take to fill out a rebate form? EVERYBODY! Some to decipher the instructions, a few to disagree, and one to supply the liquor.
A rebellious young couple successfully sneak store-bought popcorn into a theatre -- but are they combat ready?
Love Hurts
When her husband's libido proves too much to handle, a frazzled wife goes right to the root of the problem.
Can I Be Blunt?
A family's secrets are revealed when their identical smartphones end up in the wrong hands -- each others.
Moses for President
Moses feels out of place when he's dropped into a modern-day political commercial.
And the Prom Queen Is?
Defeated by an unlikely rival at her high school dance leaves this mean teen queen "stone" cold.
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